Black Mental Health Matters

An accordion book that sheds light on the stigma of Mental Health in the Black Community

The Black Mental Health Matters Book is composed of anonymous responses from the black community speaking on their experiences of having a mental illness while being black. The survey conducted for this book presented a safe space for people to be vulnerable in their responses, reflect on their conditions and stand in their truth without the typical judgements backed behind the stigma. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s authentic and it’s important. #BlackMentalHealthMatters


Mental Illnesses are universal and not unique to any specific race or ethnicity. However, it is extremely prevalent in the black community, but often dismissed. Mental Health in the Black community is viewed as taboo due to the fact that its rarely talked about. Throughout history, blacks have always had to be strong and resilient, which we continue to carry today, but this hinders our mental well-being. Many black people normalize their sufferings. Rather than dealing with them properly, many resort to self-medication or isolation to avoid dealing with their problems. All of this leads to the conversation around there being a stigma in the black community regarding mental health that I’d like to shed light on.

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